Lets talk some college Ball…..

Around this time last year, the Texas A & M community was a buzz with our beloved Aggies making the transition to the SEC. Texas was pouting but willing to let us go; Baylor was reserving the right to file legal action; the entire Big 12’s future was up in the air. For many alumni, students and analyst, the tipping points were the economics of the situation; we were outperforming the rest in many sports and doing well in football, yet we were coughing up the majority of profits to t.u. Yes, the move made sense, sure we may struggle for a few years in the “big” sport, football, but the pay off, man, the pay off. 

Fast forward to this weekend, and the Ags are not just surviving, we are thriving. Second in our division, and we just took down the #1 Crimson Tide. The Big 12 can not stand to see this success and are yelling to anyone who will listen that the SEC must be really bad. The SEC seems to a good fit, but people are mumbling that we single handily ruined the SEC. My take: get over it, we play to win, this is not news, and well, we won! Next week might bring an unexpected loss, but in My book Texas A & M has proven that we can compete, even against all odds.

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