Moving right along..

Geez, this first semester at MSU is flying by! Overall the experience has been amazing; I was finally able to hop over all the red type, err tape,  for my Master’s thesis and am just waiting for UT Tyler to finish the semester. Once they get grades they will flip a magical switch and I will finally have a diploma on its way to my greedy little hands! Though I will still be in the same place, doing the same research, I must say it will be nice to have a new wall decoration.

Speaking of research, I have been working with a lab-mate on completing some of his publications and trying to hone in on where my own journey will start. As most of my friends and family who are reading this know, I have always had an obsession with the medical field. This in fact a big area I want to work in when I embarked on the Ph.D. path. The tricky part seems to be finding enough information to justify my topic.

The papers I have been reading focus on body area networks, which what home health agencies and some of the bigger hospitals use to monitor the vital signs of their patients. There are so many places to go in this area, but the more I read the more excited I get that I might get to really impact the world. How many people get to say that??  (Yea we all impact our immediate surroundings but I am talking the world.)

On the fun side I have shot some awesome fall pictures. I will add them later!

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