About Me

My fascination with all electrics came from modest beginnings: taking alarm clocks, toys, and well anything that I could find apart, putting it back together and seeing if it still worked. When I was five my family acquired a used Apple II-C that quickly became my favorite toy. Though I never tore into the hardware, I did spend many a day teaching myself to write games on the system.

When I entered college in 1999 computers were becoming a facet in America’s everyday life. Though as an undergraduate I majored in journalism at Texas A & M University, my heart always was in the computer scene. I spent my spare time either taking and developing photos (in an actual darkroom, man I am old) or tinkering with my first PC. After graduation I entered the work force for seven years. The majority of this time was devoted to publishing with a detour into PC sales for two years.

In 2010, I decide my love for programing, well for anything pertaining to computers besides sells, was to great to be ignored. At this point I began my master degree at a branch of t.u. Along the way I found a my calling in network research, and now am  a PhD student at Michigan State University.

As for sports, baseball and swimming compete for the #1 spot in my heart, with football following a close second. I suppose growing up on Friday night football in Deep East Texas cultivated my interest. Recently I have begun playing golf, and predict my recent move to Michigan will draw me into the hockey culture.

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